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Faith Driven Mentorship Program is a Monthly Mentorship Program for Athletes (Age 8-17) looking to build their faith, leadership skills, confidence and overall sports performance. We deliver to Athlete's doorstep resources and tools to equip them to build their faith, Impact their communities, teams and the Kingdom of God. Join our Mentorship program today and give hope! With each Mentorship Membership, we donate a Faith Driven Care Box to individuals affected by injury, sickness, disease, and/or financial hardship due to sickness or disease. Through our strategic non-profit partner, our Mentorship Program is 100% tax deductible. W-9 forms are mailed out by December 31st of each calendar year.

Faith Driven Athlete Mentorship Program Includes:

G.A.M.E. Changer Prayer Journal

Weekly Faith2Faith Devotional

 Faith Driven Affirmation of the Month T-Shirt

Faith Driven Affirmation of the Month Faith Band

 Self-Care Product

No Cost All-Sports Summer Combine and Sports Camps (Choose between Basketball, Cheerleading, and Volleyball) with the Mentors

Sports Performance Challenge of the Month (No equipment needed), 

Personal College Athlete Mentor (Choose your Mentor) Access to Mentor's App

Mentees may ask Mentors questions about Faith, Leadership, and Sports.

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Mentorship Program begins February 1, 2024

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