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Tanya Harris



Fueled by Christ....

                       Driven by Faith....


My Story....

My name is Tanya Harris, I'm a Child of God, Wife, Mother of three athletic kids and a sports fan.  Growing up, I always had a passion for Christ and Sports!  I started playing sports at the early age of 5.  I played all sports, however; basketball became my favorite. As I excelled on the basketball court, I gained the interest from almost every College program in the country to play basketball.  When It was time for me to choose a school, I chose The Ohio State University over Duke and North Carolina. Staying close to my family and church family was important to me.  At Ohio State, I was involved in Fellowship with Christian Athletes (FCA), a sports ministry that bridges the gap between Christ and Sports.  My faith grew stronger during those years and I knew I wanted to use my platform to advance the Kingdom of God.  I became not only a 3-time captain but also served as a spiritual leader to my teammates and classmates. 

After graduation, I  earned my master’s degree from Liberty University (Organizational Leadership) and co-founded Girls Leadership Sports Academy, a sports ministry whose mission is to educate, enrich and empower girls to pursue excellence in the classroom, their communities and on the playing field.

It is my prayer, that our weekly devotionals, books and apparel encourages you to develop an intimate relationship with Christ!

God Bless,

Tanya Harris

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